Four Things To Consider Prior To Having Your Upholstery Cleaned!

Jun, 2020Upholstery Cleaning

Four Things To Consider Prior To Having Your Upholstery Cleaned!

4 things to consider prior to having your upholstery cleaned! When your favourite seat, sofa or reclining chair begins to look, well, dirty, you should consider having it and, or your upholstery suite cleaned. However, prior to looking for a professional upholstery cleaner, you might consider these 4 questions:

1. Firstly, consider what type of dirt has invaded your furniture!  We upholstery cleaners differentiate different ‘dirt’s’: grease, food, and pet oils/stains we treat differently. Knowing what the source of the spots, stains, and dirt will help your upholstery cleaner use the correct cleaning treatment providing you, the owner, with the very best of results. 

2. Do you know the type of fabric your soft furnishings are made of?  There are many types of fabric used in furniture manufacture: Wool, Cotton, Polyester, Polypropylene, Micro-suede, Rayon, Velvet, Nylon, Linen, and Silk.  By understanding which materials your upholstery is made up of can make the difference between a successful outcome or a disastrous one!  

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3. As a householder, you can find out the type of fabric is in your upholstery by easily lifting up its cushions. Here you will (or should) find a manufacturer’s tag with a set of ‘cleaning care instructions’ (similar to the wash tags, seen on garments) listed. It will also provide the type of fabric (s) that it is made of. This will usually be co-located beside the ‘Fire Retardancy’ tab

4. Does the person, or company, that you hire as your professional upholstery cleaner survey and inspect your upholstery before cleaning in order to determine what type of fabric (s) it is made up of in order that they apply the correct cleaning solutions. And to keep drying time to a minimum, does the professional use air movers to speed up the drying process- after all, you the householder do not want to have a soggy bottom just when your favourite tv programme is due to start…

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