Bissell’s Home Care Emergency Spot & Stain Machine

Sep, 2020Stain and Odour Removal, Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning

Bissell’s Home Care Emergency Spot & Stain Cleaner

I recently bought Bissell’s Home Care Emergency Spot & Stain Cleaner 3698 Series machine, and at between £120-£150.00 they are fairly expensive for what they are! As a carpet cleaning professional who provides a spot & stain removal service, I thought I’d use it as a handy ‘flushing-out’ machine rather than haul my much larger professional machine to the stained area – suitable for working in a flat or somewhere it was hard to get my larger machine into.

Photo of the Bissell spot cleaner machine

On first use, I was seriously disappointed. Bissell’s Home Care Stain Cleaner is only suited for attempting small fresh stains – and that’s being generous! The suction/vacuum aspect is terrible; combined with the sprayer on the tool you are in danger of over-wetting the targeted stained area, which may lead to wicking and subsequent browning rings on lighter carpets.

This is due to the suction/vacuum not adequately removing enough water from the carpet. Indeed, because of the poor suction you are in danger of causing piling to any carpet you are treating; during my test, I was tending to rub (in frustration) at the stained area in order to extract the sprayed on water/formula.

The incorporated ‘heatwave technology’ (ha-ha)  is so poor you definitely need to add warm or hot water to assist in the flushing out of all stains (but not bloodstains) as a necessity.  Bissell’s Home Care Stain Cleaner’s built quality is adequate- although it could be misconstrued as being a plastic toy.

My test, although not scientific, leads me to consider that this machine struggles to remove any serious stains that had been left for a short period of time and that would, possibly, require repeat treatments- it’s ok for the immediate lifting of fresh minor type stains. But you could achieve the same with a cloth/sponge and soapy water which you already have available!

Not a product you should buy at this price. I recommend (yes I know I would) sticking to using a professional service – I mean, for the cost of this machine (£120-150.00) you can have your stain removed by a professional stain removal company and still have money left over!

Once again (and  I’m getting on my hobby-horse) we see these large companies selling us these types of ‘white’ goods (Vax, Dyson, and others), which in my opinion most are not fit for purpose, nor durable- yes if you only use it once in a ‘blue moon’. It was not that I was overly abusing it, I’d used it less than six times over a 6 month period!

You can see the Bissell’s Home Care Stain Cleaner  ‘sales video’ here: and come to your own conclusion. Moreover, I have noticed that the infamous ‘Rug Doctor’ company sells it, in a different style (in red of course) but still the same machine…


Notwithstanding, if you experience a stain problem, then please get in touch on 01786 817401 or use the ‘contact us’ button below. – I promise that I will not be using this machine…

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