Carpet Cleaners And FAQs!

Jun, 2020Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaners And FAQs

Carpet cleaners and faqs? The most often frequently asked question (s)  (FAQs)  I hear about carpet cleaning at Acleanerplace Cleaning Services, Stirling, is ‘why don’t you (carpet cleaners in general) advertise your prices’? Well, simply, it’s all dependent on the area (size) fiber content of the carpet or upholstery for that matter!

Every carpet is unique and requires, or may need, specialist and or additional treatments. In addition, every customer’s requirements are different e.g, if I undertake a job in Stirling, Falkirk, or Glasgow there will be lesser or greater costs for us, dependent on distance travelled. So, in summary, there are many factors to consider when providing a quotation to a customer. But, be assured the I will always provide the best and competitive price every time!

In addition, there are many questions I get asked prior to carrying out the carpet or upholstery clean at my customers’ houses: ‘what do I need to move’?  ‘Do you move furniture’? etc. So I, have placed an FAQ page on the website that aims to answer all those nagging questions that you may have.

Although, you may have thought of one that I have not catered for; all you need to do is ‘ask’ – just click on the previous link to get an answer to all those questions that might spring to mind. Alternatively, you can use the ‘contact us’ button below to ask any question, or simply call us on 01786 817401 to chat about any issues that may be bothering you in regard to carpet cleaning.

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