Carpet Cleaning- Your Q’s Answered!

Sep, 2020Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning- Your Q’s Answered!

Let’s be honest; cleaning your carpets are not usually in your ‘must-do list’ and whilst it’s not the most riveting nor the most exciting subject matter in the world. If your carpets are becoming noticeably dirty it is something we all at some point going to have to deal with!

Whether the carpets are in your home or place of work,  having them professionally cleaned on a frequent basis is the only way to keep them looking and feeling as if they are new, or newish…

carpet cleaning- your qs answered, An image of a clean and fresh carpet

             A fresh and clean carpet, Stenhousemuir

Why should you clean the carpets on a frequent basis?

Carpet cleaning is usually one of those things that we all put off to a later date-spring or summer. It does seem like a massive undertaking- and yet another thing to get around to in our everyday busy lives. However, frequent cleaning is an essential task that we should do as often as possible.

Apart from the obvious benefits of having your carpets look new and fresh again; carpet cleaning does preserve the life-span of your carpet (s) meaning you won’t have to replace them as often as you would. Moreover, carpet cleaning is an essential part of maintaining good hygiene levels within the home or business. Think of your carpets as being like a ‘big filter’ that traps all the dirt and pollutants. And like all filters, it must either be replaced or cleaned when it is saturated. A thorough clean will remove all the dirt, pollutants and dust mites, etc.

What’s the risk that my carpets might shrink?

Everyone has heard the heard horror stories of carpet that have shrunk after a visit by a carpet cleaner! However, the facts are slightly more embarrassing, because the homeowner has decided on a cheaper price and selected a non-professional carpet cleaner who has used an incorrect technique specific to the fibre content of the carpet; e.g. wool or nylon. In addition, many house owners hire a cleaning machine (e.g. a Rug Doctor) not knowing how to apply the correct cleaning solution or technique and invariably ‘over-wet’ the carpet causing shrinkage.

‘Over-wetting’ a carpet can be a particular problem if the carpet has been badly cleaned. However, there are alternative cleaning methods to the traditional hot water extraction (steam cleaning) which there are a couple of methods knows as ‘Very Low Moisture’ cleaning and ‘Low Moisture’ Cleaning – both of which will eliminate the issue of ‘over wetting’.

When and how often should I clean my carpets?

This will vary and it is dependent on a wide variety of various factors. For example, a carpet in business premises would need cleaning on a far more regular basis than that found in a home. In the home domestic environment, you may have to clean your carpets more regularly if you have children or pets. Therefore, it is recommended that for light footfall home, every eighteen months to two years is an acceptable time frame, whereas in a heavy footfall home (kids and pets) every twelve months is best practice.

Why do I need to hire a professional company, I can just do it myself?

Many of us decide to undertake the carpet cleaning themselves.  However, purchasing a professional-grade machine can be expensive.  In addition, the cleaning process is also highly time- consuming. A very popular option is to hire a carpet-cleaning machine (Rug-Doctor), however, it can be difficult to achieve results of a professional standard, due to lack of knowledge – or if the equipment simply has not been maintained by the hire company.

Carpet cleaning jobs are best tackled by a professional. Because of their training and knowledge, they will be able to remove ingrained soils, stains and provide you with the result that will leave your carpets looking like new! Not convinced that a professional is the better option and need more information? You can check over the 11 stage process that a professional carpet cleaner will undertake on behalf of his customers here –  if they do not, they are not a professional carpet cleaner – hence the cheaper price…


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