Carpet Cleanliness In The Home

Sep, 2020Carpet Cleaning, Stain and Odour Removal

Carpet Cleanliness In The Home

Carpet cleanliness in the home can be difficult to maintain! Moreover, carpets act like large filters where their fibers continually collect dirt, mud particles, and unwanted odours. Cleaning your carpet (s) frequently (every 12 months for heavy soiling and footfall and pets, and every 18 months for light soiling and light footfall households) will greatly assist in eliminating dust mites, and many allergy particles.

Consideration should be given to installing doormats by each entrance (carpet offcuts are good for this)  and by taking off your shoes every time you enter should eliminate many common dirt-bearing dirt particles and successfully reduce there ingress to the home by some 60%!

Carpet cleanliness in the home

In addition, bad odours can emanate from carpets. An easy remedy here is to have your carpet smelling fresh again is to mix half a cup of vinegar with one cup of warm water; pour this mixture into a spray bottle and apply it to the carpet. Further, spread a generous amount of baking/bicarbonate soda directly onto and into the affected part of the carpet. Give the carpet some time to dry. Now vacuum the baking soda out from the carpet.

If you consider that your carpets are in need of a deep clean because they are suffering from stains, bad odours (perhaps because of pets), our your allergies are acting up (dust mites!) then contact us via the button below, or simply call us on 01786 817804 and we will be only too happy to provide advice on concerns you may have.

Acleanerplace Cleaning Services practice (like all reputable carpet cleaners) an 11 stage cleaning process that will thoroughly ‘deep clean’ any heavily soiled carpet.   We also use a variety of eco-friendly cleaning products that, dependent on your carpet (wool, wool-mix, polypropylene, etc),  will bring them back to smelling fresh and like new again: we have specialist products that will alleviate odours, and help sanitize your carpets and kill dust mites.

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