Bridge Of Allan-Restoring The Appearance Of A Porcelain Ceramic Tiled Kitchen Floor

Sep, 2020Hard Floor Cleaning

Restoring The Appearance Of A Porcelain Ceramic Tiled Kitchen Floor, Bridge Of Allan

A Bridge Of Allan customer contacted me to enquire if I could clean a porcelain tiled floor of her kitchen of her large (c.1850) built home. Initially, I visited to conduct a demonstration clean of an area, and as you can see (below) there was a remarkable difference to that part of the tiled floor!

Photo of a demonstration patch, cleaned of a porcelain ceramic tiled floor
Demonstration Clean Patch

The customer also had two very large dogs that had free access to the ground floor areas which we agreed was contributing to the appearance of the one-year-old floor. Notwithstanding, riven type ceramic tiles, can very easily, as was the case here, trap dirt and grease more than their flatter counterparts.  Moreover, I gleaned that she had been using ‘shop bought’ cleaning products in an attempt to keep the floor clean.

As the demonstration went well, the customer was keen to book a date for me to come back and clean the 58m2 area.  I agree that a deep clean would be the order to start with! I explained that as they were ceramic tiles they did not require a seal (as would be the case on other types of kitchen tiled floors).

As the grout lines would benefit from being sealed as these areas are the porous ‘weak spot’ of tiled floors. The client was happy that I would return a carry out a deep clean of the floor and assess the state of the grout and we scheduled the work in which would take a single day to complete.

Cleaning Of The Porcelain Ceramic Tiled Floor

On arrival on the day of the clean, an initial inspection of the 58m2 area was carried out to establish and additional problems since the demonstration clean.

 Having set up my equipment and established that the dogs were well out of the area, I took most of that day. I worked in small 5m2 areas by first spraying the floor with a high (professional grade) cleaner, allowing this to dwell on the tile surface for between 5-10 minutes.  I then went over the treated areas with my professional rotary and edging machines fitted with black scrubbing pads.

Photo of a ceramic fllor being cleaned with professional equipmnet
Ceramic Floor cleaning equipment

After this a wet and vac machine was used to extract all the dirty water produced by the cleaning product; this was the followed-up a grout brush scrubbed along the grout lines and then by a wet mop rinsing in order to help ‘neutralize’ the alkaline cleaner and helps determine if the area, just cleaned,  was of a satisfactory standard.

As I worked my way across the large floor area in sections, I left an air blower in place over the completed section to quicken the drying process. This process was repeated throughout the large area until I was able to exit the ground floor by the rear external door.

Once dry the floor was inspected before we allowed the customer to view it. As mentioned, there was no need to seal the floor as ceramic tiles will not accept a sealer, however, the inspection did highlight the difference in some areas of grout that were discoloured. I highlighted this to the customer who will now consider having the grout lines re-coloured in the future.

Ceramic Floor After Clean

The customer, having inspected the floor, was over-the-moon with the difference that I had achieved, so much so that she has booked me to come back on a regular (6 Monthly) basis to and clean the floor.

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