Deep Cleaning Of Dirty Terracotta Floor Tiles

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Deep Cleaning Of Dirty Terracotta Floor Tiles, Stirlingshire


Acleanerplace Cleaning Services (ACS)  were called to deep clean and survey a  set of dirty terracotta floor tiles in a Stirlingshire house kitchen. The tiles were very dirty, having only been cleaned with a  ‘shop bought’ alkaline cleaner.  The house was quite old and so I suspect the floor may have been down since the house was built.
I established that the terracotta tiles had not been professionally cleaned and the floor had lost its lustre, especially where the sealant had worn away and dirt and grime had become severely ingrained in the tile.  Moreover, the grout lines had also darkened. In the first instance, I carried out a test clean of a 1m2 patch so I could provide the owner with an accurate quote for renovating the floor and show the customer what was achievable.
After some discussion with the customer, my quote was accepted, and a date to do the work which was agreed would take place over a  three day period -one day to clean the tiles, one day for it to dry, and one day to seal the floor.
      Dirty Terracotta Floor Tiles

Day One &Two-Deep Cleaning Of Dirty Terracotta Floor Tiles

On the appointed day, I started by applying a strong solution for professional tile cleaner/stripping of the floor. The solution is a strong, multi-purpose alkaline cleaner, stripper, and degreaser. It is ideal for this type of heavily soiled floors.
The solution is left to dwell for about 10 minutes then a  heavy rotary machine fitted with a Silicon Carbide  Brush is used to scrub the floor and loosen the ingrained dirt from the tiles.
The dirty residue water and solution are then collected by using a wet pick up the vacuum. The floor is then thoroughly rinsed by mopping to remove any trace of the alkaline cleaning product and in order to inspect the tiles to see if any additional cleaning work was required. In this case, I assessed that no further cleaning was necessary, therefore we could move on.
With the floor now clean, I now turned my attention to the grout, and for which, I again used the professional tile cleaner/stripper and a bespoke, specialized narrow grout brush to meticulously scrub each grout line. The floor was again doused and rinsed with clean water.
The clean floor was now dried with the assistance of some small air movers, but due to the porosity of terracotta, it required at least 24h hrs to fully dry out before a seal could be applied. 

Day Three –Deep Cleaning Of Dirty Terracotta Floor Tiles

After 24 hours we returned and tested the floor with a moisture meter to assess whether the floor was dry enough to seal. During the survey, and in discussion with the customer, I had established that the customer’s preference was for a satin finish to the floor tiles.
As it was now thoroughly dry we start applying the sealant: As terracotta is made of clay it may require up to 6-10 terracotta due to porosity and which can be very time-intensive due to having to wait for each coat to dry before applying the next. In this particular case, the terracotta required seven coats of sealant before I was satisfied the tiles were fully sealed.
The sealer used to protect the floor was an appropriate terracotta sealant that provided the ‘satin sheen’ that the customer desired.  On completion of the final coat and having dried, the customer was very pleased with the outcome; commenting on the difference that a new seal made to the floor tiles:
Terracotta Tiles with Satin Sheen sealant applied
If you think that ACS can assist you with the deep cleaning of your terracotta floor tiles then we would be happy to visit and carry out a survey and small demonstration clean. There is no obligation on your part and all surveys/demonstrations are free. So why wait, call Tom on 01786 817401, or use the ‘contact us button below. We also provide a Tile and Grout Cleaning service throughout the wider Forth and Devon Valley areas.

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