The Advantages Of Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning

Sep, 2020Carpet Cleaning

What Are The Advantages Of Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning?

Carpet in the home a great deal of abuse over the course of a year. For example, your usual daily dirt and food and drink spills and even pet dander which assist in the accumulation of dust mites, your carpet fibres can quickly become very dirty and be looking visually bad!  The downside to this that rooms and the home can begin to, well, smell… At this point, it is not time to seriously consider having them cleaned by an eco-friendly carpet cleaner.

It is now considered that the detergent products used by non-eco-friendly products may be detrimental, even harmful, to carpet fibres, the environment and even our health (particularly if you have an allergy).  By using eco-friendly carpet cleaning products will still provide fresh, clean carpets, without the use of any harmful chemicals.  If you are still not fully converted, I’ve listed four reasons, below, why more and more people are enthusiastically moving to eco-friendly carpet cleaning:

Help Protect The Health Of Your Family

Detergent carpet cleaning products can be harmful to the health of the family, and pets. The vaporized detergents in enclosed spaces in the home can lead to possible health problems.  Moreover, small children and house pets tend to spend more time at carpet level and are therefore more susceptible to the chemicals in the detergent products. In addition, if there are respiratory issues in any family members, detergents chemicals may aggravate their symptoms’.   The most frequently reported symptoms of exposure to carpet cleaning chemicals are from those suffering from the likes of:

photo of a lady sneezing

  1. Sneezing
  2. Asthma Attacks
  3. Eye, nose or lung irritation
  4. Headaches
  5. Congestion

Synthetic carpet fibres (Nylon, Polyester etc) may not interact badly with chemicals like formaldehyde, acetone, disinfectants and pesticides which can be found in detergent carpet cleaners. This can also shorten the life of your carpet. Carpet cleaning formulas containing detergent chemicals often release toxic vapours into the air that is then breathed in by family members’.

Extend The Life of Your Carpet

Unlike detergent carpet cleaning products, eco-friendly carpet cleaners will allow you to lengthen the life and the beauty of your carpets.  Detergent (toxic) chemicals should remove visible (organic) stains from your carpet, but they can also cause the fibres to break down which, invariably, will cause them to deteriorate. Further, the small price of eco-friendly carpet cleaning products is much less than the cost of replacing your existing.

There Is Less Air Pollution

Notwithstanding, detergent carpet cleaning products are now not considered good for our environment. Studies are showing that when detergent cleaning products are introduced into the air (during the carpet cleaning process), they can cause, over the long term, damage our eco-system (s). Moreover, these detergents can and do, hover in the air well after the carpet cleaner has left your home.  In addition, it is common practice for the carpet cleaner to dispose of the wastewater, usually, but not always down your cistern. This wastewater is then flushed into the drainage system for processing and in a circuitous route, back into our water supply.

It Reduces The Amount of Water Waste

A great advantage of eco-friendly carpet cleaning is that it uses less water than traditional carpet cleaning. Many detergent carpet cleaning products more wastewater during the cleaning process. The result of this is that there is more wastewater to be tipped down the drain Inevitably this means that there is an increase in hazardous materials that go into the water supply!  Fact, detergent cleaning products also dry much slower than eco-friendly products.

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