Fruit Berry Stain Removal

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Fruit Berry Stain Removal

Fruit Berry stain removal can be problematic! The taste fruit berries are fantastic and here in Scotland, we have some of the finest blueberries, blackberries and strawberries. Not only do they taste great, but as any mum will tell you, they can leave one difficult stain if spilled. Whatever the ‘berry’ stain you encounter, here are a few tips to eliminate them:  Firstly, do not let the stain remain in situ -tackle it straight away or as soon as possible.

Fruit Berry Stain Removal

How To Remove A Fruit Berry Stain From Clothing:

As berries are plant-based they can be ‘broken down’ with an acid e.g. lemon juice and or vinegar.

  1. Squeeze some lemon juice or dribble some vinegar and let it dwell on the stain for up to five minutes. It may also be helpful to blot the stain with a small brush or toothbrush.
  2. After the required time has passed (5 mins), rinse the stain thoroughly with water in order to make sure that the ‘acid’ is flushed from the garment -this pre-treatment will definitely ‘loosen’ off the stain.
  3. Now, rub the stain with a household detergent, then just simple was the item through your normal machine wash with your favourite detergent or dry clean if necessary.

If the berry stain is still present after a machine wash/dry cleaner your remaining option is to use an oxygenated bleach, hydrogen peroxide at 3% volume is safe on most colours but. Since it can cause colour loss, test it first on an inconspicuous part of the garment.”

In addition, to prevent damage to the garments’ fibres, do not allow the hydrogen peroxide product to sit on the stain for any length of time (over 1 min) before flushing-out with water.

How To Remove A Fruit Berry Stain From Carpet Fibre:

 You will need to be very cautious with the elimination of this type of stain from the carpet fibre. Note that if the carpet fibres are of wool or silk you should refer the problem to a trained professional

As always, soak/blot up as much of the berry juice as is possible without spreading or pushing it deeper into the fibre:

  1. The next step is to, spray lemon juice- light to moderately-onto the stained area; soak up as much of this liquid without scrubbing.
  2. Next sponge or spray a solution of one tablespoon washing-up liquid to one cup of water. Allow the mixture to dwell and work for a few minutes.
  3. Now, blot up the lemon-washing-up mixture with a white cloth and move to a fresh part of the cloth as the stain transfers onto it -repeat this as required.

Having removed the stain to your satisfaction, place a clean towel (preferably) or some folded absorbent kitchen paper over the area and place a heavy onto the towel/paper cloth for 30-60 mins to absorb the remaining moisture. Finally, blot the area with clear water to rinse out the remaining mixture. You can continue to blot the stain to dry it or consider using a hairdryer to assist in the drying.

As above, if the stain is still visible consider using hydrogen peroxide at 3% volume, but, as always test it in an inconspicuous place and if there’s colour bleed, blot the peroxide onto the stain with a clean, white cloth. Allow the peroxide to do its work for a 2-3 min, then rinse using tap water from the carpet by blotting and dabbing.

If you are having difficulty removing this type of stain, then please get in touch. We offer a professional stain removal service, so call us on 01786 817401, or simply use the ‘contact us’ button below.

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