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At  Acleanerplace Cleaning Services (ACS)  we comply with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) regulations by avoiding to use ladders (. Traditionally gutter clearance was undertaken by operatives using ladders which is not now considered a safe working method; indeed it can be a serious and unnecessary  ‘fall’  hazard to the operator.  We only use the new (safer) generation of Gutter Vacuums which allows us to be able to clear/clean out your gutters and downpipes up to a height of 42feet (12 meters), but with our feet safely on the ground.

The Gutter Vacuum system, with its light carbon fiber poles, allows us to access those hard to reach areas, e.g over the top/behind conservatories. The unique telescopic poles of this system simply reach over into the gutters, therefore the cost of scaffolding or high reach platforms are made unnecessary.

In addition, we fit camera equipment so that we can then check where any potential problems (blockages) are,  and when we have cleared out the gutters we can show (authenticate) our customers’ photographs that their gutters are now running clear.

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Our Gutter Clearing Process:

Stage 1: Pre-Inspection
On arrival at your home or business our operative will talk through the problems that you are having with your guttering and adopt the following procedure:

Erect our extendable carbon fiber pole, which extends to 12.8 meters – 42ft, and attach a camera.

By use of the camera, we will locate and identify the source of any blockages and the extent of the debris within.

We then show the images and discuss the clearance options with you, the customer. 

We will at this point provide a fixed price quotation.

Stage 2: Work Process
If everything is acceptable we will start the work (or return on a mutually agreed date). Our gutter vacuum will suck out all the leaves, mosses, and muck that has built up to leave your gutters running free. 

Note we do not require any electric power as we use a portable generator to power the gutter vacuum. 

NB: We do not unblock drains below the ground level.

We then re-survey with our camera and share the ‘cleared gutter’ images with our customers (if requested).

Stage 3: Resulting Waste Disposal & Clear-Up
The resulting debris from the clearance is either place/scattered in the flower beds (it is a rich source of nutrients), or placed in the customer’s compost bin, or bagged-up’ in an eco-friendly bag and disposed of in the customers (with their permission) eco-bin.

If there is any debris on the building or windows as a result of the procedure then we will wash these areas down.

Stage 4: Customer’s Walk Through Inspection.

In this final stage, we walk you (the customer) around the perimeter in order that you can inspect our work and that you are completely satisfied with the cleaning.

What Our Customers Are Saying:

An excellent service – professional, thorough, careful, and cheerful – and a good price. I would recommend to family and friends, and will happily use again in the future.


Ros Wilson, Bridge of Allan


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