How To Keep Carpets Looking Good!

Oct, 2020Carpet Cleaning

How To Keep Carpets Looking Good!

How to keep carpets looking good? To start with, carpet cleaning does not take the brains of a rocket engineer to do. It’s natural that you might panic a little if you spill red wine or curry on your new (or old) carpet, but if you follow some simple rules, you can make your carpets look like new in a short period. Overall, and in some cases, all you have to do is buy an off-the-shelf cleaning solution and follow their simple cleaning instructions.

However, when it comes to carpet cleaning in Stirling,  most people end up making mistakes. You should understand that in most cases, you will need to do a bit more than just a Google search before you DIY and start cleaning and scrubbing away at your carpets – note never scrub at a stain on your carpet, always blot (pat) it to absorb the spillage.

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If you avoid taking prompt action, the spill will into the fibres of the carpet quickly – so act promptly. Furthermore, the spill, if left, will dry and ‘set’ if you leave it too long. And, further, the stains can seep down and into the carpet backing and the padding below the carpet; and if they are acidic (e.g. urine) in nature, they will eat away the carpet fibres, particularly wool fibres.

Although there is a vast array of different, off-the-shelf cleaning products available, not all of them can be used for the same purpose: Exactly, for this reason, make sure that you read the instruction label before use. At times the labels are illegible due to the smallness of the print, therefore make sure that you look online for that product in order to better understand the instructions.

Homeowner Hacks

Many people tend, as a ‘first go to’ option for laundry detergents and or regular household cleaners to clean their carpets. This, however, can be a costly mistake as most of these cleaners are too harsh for your carpet’s fibres. Strong chemicals like bleach are not recommended for carpets cleaning of stains.

If you want to maintain your carpets in the best possible manner, the best approach. If using off-the-shelf products is to test them on a test patch of the carpet as you will not know how the carpet fibres will react to these ‘one product cleans all’ products.

The test patch is an area of inconspicuous carpet, located out of sight- e.g. behind a door or in a cupboard. The aim is to try out the product and see how the carpet fibres react to it; it may be necessary for all the products to remain in the fibre for a small period of time.  In this way, you will prevent a terrible mistake of applying unknown chemical products to the entire area of the carpet.

There is a common acceptance that carpet deodorizer powders (e.g. Shake& Vac/ Vanish Gold) clean carpets- they do not!   These products should only be used for ‘after carpet care’, i.e. after your carpets have been deep cleaned by a professional cleaner in order to keep them fresh and free of odours.

how to keep carpets looking good!

Many people are reluctant to engage with a professional carpet cleaner, particularly in Stirling. However, contrary to popular opinion it is much more affordable than you think. If your carpets are always prone to stains, or you might be cleaning them for a big event, e.g. a family Christmas gathering, where there will be lots of family and friends present, engaging a professional cleaner prior to the event is always the wiser decision.

You, as are most people, are usually astounded by the difference in the results made by a trained professional with the proper carpet cleaning equipment. If you can avoid the small, mistakes above you will greatly increase your chances of maintaining a well-maintained carpet all year round and thereby prolonging its life expectancy!

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