How To Keep Your Carpets Looking Fresh And New

Sep, 2020Carpet Cleaning, Stain and Odour Removal

How To Keep Your Carpets Looking Fresh And New!

How to keep your carpets looking fresh and new by following these easy steps may be one of the things that you love doing the most often. Not only do they add a different texture to your living area or rooms but they also complement your interior designs; a carpet can add substantially to your home decor.

how to keep your carpets looking fresh and clean, stirling


The downside is that carpets, especially the ones in your living room, are prone to a great deal of foot traffic. This traffic not only makes your carpets (very) dirty but also make them quickly lose their appeal, newness, and freshness.

If you reside in Stirling and your carpet (s) have faced this type of damage, instead of replacing them, you should consider a professional cleaning service. We, professionals, have our expert methods, via training and an extensive, good, and appropriate selection of cleaning products (ours at ACS are all eco-friendly, with no detergents used) to clean your carpet (s) and restore it’s looking like new and ‘fresh’ look again

Notwithstanding, if you do not wish to spend a great deal of money on such a service, you can always go the DIY route. Check out below, a couple of really easy carpet cleaning tips:

Vacuum Regular To Avoid More Dirt

Your carpets require regular cleaning! Make it happen every day or on alternate days, but make sure that you vacuum your carpets on a regular basis. This will not only help get rid of the dirt and dander that gets accumulated over time (busy family life) but also helps considerably in cutting down on carpet dust mites.

If the usual vacuuming is not carried out, the dirt may become accumulated over a longer period of time, becoming so bad, that you become blind to this accumulation of dirt (we carpet professionals call it ‘blacktop’) that and you will eventually need the services of a professional carpet cleaning service provided by Acleanerplace Cleaning Services in Stirling. In order to save yourself such an embarrassment and prolong the life of your carpet (s), and save money, you must start with regular vacuuming shortly after you have the carpet (s) installed.

Act-On Spills And Accidents Immediately

Beverage spills and pet accidents, if not acted upon immediately may ‘set’ and leave stubborn stains (that cause a permanent colour change) to the fibres of your carpets, if not treated immediately. With regular traffic and usage, carpets are quite prone to having food and beverage and pet mishaps inflicted upon them.

If, again, you consider a DIY option to vanquish (please don’t use this product!), it is good practise to treat the spills while they are fresh to avoid any permanent staining.  For liquids, you can use paper towels that will absorb the spillage as much as is possible and for solid food, scoop up the spill as much as possible with a spoon or spatula.

The next stage, after you have gotten rid of the spill, is to apply a little mild detergent mixed solution on the affected area and rinse it away with water; a blotting action is the best method here to absorb any cleaning solution; or if you have overly-wetted the area, consider a kitchen towel (paper or terry) to lay over the affected area and place something weighty on top and leave for an hour or so.

Carpet Maintenance Tips

Remove furniture indentations from your carpets using am ice cube and a hairdryer, or an iron -just make sure you don’t burn your carpet with the iron! This is avoided by dampening a cloth and placing this first over the affected area, and then place the iron on top of the damp cloth, but only for 10-15 secs, thereby creating steam.

If your carpet is damaged because of water or any other reasons, call in help from a professional that can help restore your carpet via the use of professional drying techniques.

So if you need any advice on how to keep your carpets looking fresh and new then we are just a telephone call away or use the ‘contact us’ button to get in touch and we will be pleased to help where we can.

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