New Staff Member

Oct, 2020Carpet Cleaning

New Staff Member To The Team

New Staff menber

               Kori, ‘Softness Assessor’

It is now official, here is a  staff photo of my newest staff member, ‘Kori’. His main job responsibilities will be that of quality assurance on each carpet clean we complete. His job title is ‘Softness Assessor’. If, after cleaning, the carpets are then inspected by Kori and are assessed for ‘Softness’ and ‘Fluffyness’ based on his soft and fluffy coat, then ‘job done’. 

If he lies down and goes to sleep on the carpet that’s a bonus factor of the Softness!  There is no need to worry about animal exploitation as his employment contract clearly and fairly states that he will receive all the treats he wants, with a bonus of ‘cheese’ once a week, long walks and plenty of sleep time; oh, and a bath every two weeks to keep his coat as soft and as fluffy as our carpet cleaning.

Kori is a Shiba Inu who’s favorite things are (in no particular order):  Chasing cats, rolling in the grass, eating grass, doggy treats (any type), loves frolicking in the snow (go figure…)  He hates water (rivers etc), but loves being bathed and his fur dried with a hairdryer.

If you think your carpets are in need of the softness treatment, get in touch via our Contact Us page or simply call 01786 817401.

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