Pressure Washing In The Spring

Nov, 2021Exterior Cleaning, Pressure washing

 Pressure washing in spring. Here are 6 things that need pressure washing in spring.  Exterior home cleaning in the spring is a chore that should not be overlooked!  But it can take a bit of  time and effort;  Your paths, patios,  wooden decks  and garden furniture, will all benefit from a pressure washing.

A pressure wash of these areas will  get rid of the winter’s accumulation of dirt,  mold and stains caused by the weather.. Pressure washing is also commonly known as power, or jet washing because it uses the power of pressurized (jetted) water combined with a cleaning solution and, or detergent.

The flow and force of a pressure washer, in most cases, can be adjusted by changing to a different nozzle to get either a light pressure stream or one that is full of power. If you’re not familiar with using power washing equipment, it is suggested that you contact a professional pressure washing company to prevent damaging your home’s siding, windows, screens, vegetation, and soft surfaces such as outdoor furniture.

We have 6 things you should consider pressure washing during  spring:

1. Patio Furniture

You can lightly wash your outdoor garden furniture if you know how to use the right pressure and have the correct nozzle attachments  (typically a 40-degree nozzle). Your plastic/ wooden chairs and patio tables can become ingrained with dirt, grime, and algae stains. In order to make these items look fresh, and clean again is made easy with a light pressure nozzle and some detergent cleaning solution. 

2. Tarmac Driveways

Power through with a pressure washer equipped with a 25-degree nozzle. The only time you must be careful on tarmac or concrete surfaces is when the materials are crumbling or cracked. If this is the case, you should be extra careful, or better yet, repair these areas before you pressure wash and allow them to dry completely.

Moss removal- tarmac covered tarmac drive

3. Roof and Gutters

You should consider using a professional exterior cleaning service to reach these high areas. Roofs and gutters collect mosses, leaves, and other debris throughout the year. Spring (and autumn is a great time to renew the look of your roof and gutters and protect against property damage due to clogged gutters.


4. Wooden Decks 

Prior to dusting off your patio furniture and barbecue, pressure wash down last year’s stains by using a low-pressure (preferably ‘fan’) nozzle. Do not forget to prepare by removing any outdoor furniture, plants before you start. Also, sweep-up any leaves, debri,s or dirt that can end up being forced into the wood’s surface. For any pressure washing in spring, use a cleaning detergent/solution that is recommended for your deck’s wood grain.

pressure washing, dirty wooden decking


5. Driveways and Patios

For any pressure washing in spring, It does not matter whether your driveway is monoblock, concrete slabs or  painted imprinted concrete blocks or your patio is that of limeston or porcerlain, they all tend to deteriorate over the winter due to weather, moss and weeds growing up from between the edges and joints.

Now, dependent on the size of your driveway, a domestic pressure washerand you, will have a long ardous task ahead of you. Why?  Its, an easy equation that the more water that can be pushed out from a nozzel the quicker you can clean the item  (driveway/patio) being cleaned. Now, an electric powered  domestic pressure washer that is hooked up to your external water outlet can only feed the pressure washer at between 9-12 liters per minute. And athough you have  130-160 bar pressure washer, it can only accept those 12 liters per minute which is not all that powerful for when it comes to cleaning a driveway, you’ll find it will take some time to complete the task!

Pressure washing, Stirling

So, for your pressure washing in spring is all well agood if you have the time, but  if you have a petrol driven pressure washer it does raise the game somewhat! Notwistanding your petrol driven pressure washer shoul be start from the  200 bar (2000psi) mark if you want quick results. If it is below that mark, then you are at the same level as a domestic  (high spec) electric pressure washer.

Moreover, if you opt for a high spec petrol driven pressure washer, you are now in the realm of the hobbist/professional cleaner and in order to glean the most out of the machine a seperate (reservoir) water supply must be consider in order to satisfy the machine water pump!

Dependent on the stone type, serious consideration should be given to staring off with low pressure, and a ‘fan jet’ nozzle. If this does not damage the stone, then move up to a more direct and stronger nozzle jet.  Miost drive ways can be cleaned with a stronfg jet nozzel (turbo-nozzle) on full power feom  a petrol driven machine. However, patios, tend to be constructed from may different types of (softer) stone. Therefore, a softer ‘low pressure’ jet nozzle is  the start point in all patio cleaning cases, or damage to the stone may result if a stronger jet nozzle is used.

6. Outdoor Rubbish Bins

Pressure washing makes for light work of this task. Use a medium force nozzle spray and a disinfectant detergent. Start with a 40-degree nozzle to prevent damaging your plastic bins. If required, you can always use a higher pressure nozzle to get rid of any ingrained stains that can become more ‘stinky’ during the summer months.


Presure washing in the spring and most of these types of cleaning tasks, above, can be accomplished with a domestic grade pressure washer.  However,  professional-grade washers have the ability to shorten, significantly, the time it takes to complete these tasks. Acleanerplace Cleaning Services use only professional-grade pressure washers in its array of exterior cleaning services. contact us on 01786 817401 if we may be of assistance in any of your Spring cleaning tasks. 

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