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Sep, 2020Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning

Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaning Machines For Hire

Have you ever hired out a ‘Rug Doctor‘ carpet cleaning machine?  Well here is my wee dig at the ‘Rug Doctor’ carpet cleaning machines that can be hired from one of your favourite supermarkets, dry cleaners and similar type outlets. Firstly, confession, even I’ve used one of these in a past life! 
Anyway, as I’m now a professional carpet cleaner (no laughing in the cheap seats!) I find these machines to be unsuitable for the purpose of carpet cleaning for the following reasons:
The suction (extraction)  of these type of machines are very poor so can leave the carpet wetter than it should/could be (this may lead to brown rings  (watermarks) on light coloured carpets- especially wool carpets). The detergent you buy with it sits at 9-9.9 pH alkalinity; this is quite high in alkalinity terms, especially if you have a wool carpet and is unsuitable for this type of fibre.
There are no ‘pre-spray’ solutions supplied with it; all carpets should be presprayed with an appropriate cleaning solution in order to ‘loosen’ up the dirt, especially where a carpet is heavily stained, e.g. near doorways/traffic walkway areas etc. Otherwise, by just using the ‘add detergent’ and ‘water extraction’ system that this type of machine provides will only achieve a ‘superficial’ type cleaning- that’s ok if you just want a quick spruce-up, say after a party etc.
The water is not hot (at 50 degrees) as professional machines are, so, again it fails the test on this aspect. It is, in my humble opinion, seriously ineffective at being a carpet cleaner ( water extraction machine).
photo of a rug doctor cleaning machine

Other Cons:

  1. I don’t like the colour (red)
  2. In total the overall cost (s): Your labour, fetching and returning the machine, the bottle of cleaning solution the hassle of moving furniture, etc.  The overall cost, to you, is equal if not greater than it would be to engage with a professional carpet cleaner.
  3. The standard that you achieve will be less than I can achieve ( I tend to aim for the WOW factor in all my carpet cleaning).
  4. You might cause overwetting that could lead to mould forming if the overwetting is not dealt with.
  5. Guys, trust me when I say that ‘she who must be obeyed’ will be disappointed, period, fact.  A happy wife = a happy life…
  6.  It doesn’t clean carpeted stairs unless you hire (more cost) the additional attachment that also does upholstery – honestly, take advice and do not go anywhere near a fabric suite (or mattress) with this type of machine or their ‘spot removal ‘toy machine ( see my post on this machine)! There are just some cleaning tasks that should be left to a  professional, and upholstery cleaning is one of these things.
  7. It looks good, makes all the right noises, and does show results…tongue in cheek as I wrote that.


Some Pros:

  1. On the upside, it is reasonably cheap to hire – £23.00 for a 24hr period and £29.00 for a 48hr period (As at Sept 2020)for a couple of days -and the detergent at say £11.00 for a litre is ok.
  2.  You will get a large area done in a weekend which might save you an amount of money (see point 2 above).
  3. It is a viable option if your budget is tight and you are under an obligation (letting) to clean the carpet (s) and you aren’t too fussed about the outcome.
But if you want a good deep carpet clean the only way is ‘professional’ (then I would say that..). Seriously, we guys in the trade know the shortcomings of the ‘Rug Doctor’ type machines, but you, the public,  are not aware that they are being ‘duped’ because of the ‘hype’ and ‘glitzy’ advertising.  I can make the same points, above, about the other, similar, ‘carpet cleaning’ vacuums that we all see on the TV, e.g ‘Vax’, and those carpet cleaning products, like ‘shake-and-vacs’ etc.
Anyway, I could go on, but I’d better get off my soapbox. Thanks for reading the article.

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