Algae Removal -Softwashing

Algae, Moss, Lichen & Rust Stain removal Throughout Central Scotland

Algae Removal -Softwashing


What Is Softwashing?


Softwashing is a low-pressure cleaning alternative to the more accepted high-pressure cleaning method with the use of a professional (licensed) grade biocide applied by your local trained, applicator

Softwashing is considered a safe cleaning process with no risk of damage to hard surfaces; rendered walls, roofs, driveways, or paths, and once dry is pH neutral and safe for your pets.  Softwashing is particularly designed for the safe, effective (and affordable), cleaning/eradication of algae remover that eliminates algae, moss, and rust stains from most hard surfaces.

The build-up of algae, moss and other types of staining on walls, roofs, and hard surfaces does not only look unsightly but can lead to blocked gutters and drains and deterioration of the substrate that they colonize.

At ACS we offer an effective algae remover (soft washing) treatment service for your home throughout the ‘Central Belt’, Scotland  to control the following types of algae/moss growth:



  • ZRed Algae
  • ZBlack Fungi/Mould
  • ZColoured Render
  • ZRoughcast
  • ZPaving/Concrete/Sandstone
  • ZPainted Surfaces
  • ZGreen Algae/Mildew
  • ZYellow Lichen
  • ZRoofs
  • ZBrickwork
  • ZTarmac
  • ZPre-paint Treatment
Blackend Render with Fungi

Blackened Masonry (Whiskey Mould)

Did you ever wonder what that black staining is on a building is? Both stone and render are susceptible to black fungi (sometimes referred to as ‘Whiskey Fungus/Mould’) that can be viewed in the form of black spots or black staining. Our ‘Building Care’  products, ‘AlgoClear Pro’ and ‘MetaClear’, are products that can eliminate these types of staining.

blackend walll cleaned

Render /Roughcast Cleaning

The new wall coatings, i.e coloured render, can be colonized by algae, or organic staining (‘Whiskey Fungus’). At ACS we offer a range of ‘Building Care’ products formulated for the maintenance of buildings’ external envelope and surrounding amenities. At the core of the range, is ‘AlgoClear Pro‘ that carries out the essential work of eradicating live contaminants. Other specific marks are identified and treated with the appropriate formulation.

algae on wooden deck with a cleaned patch

Decking & Timber

The best way to maintain all types of decking and wooden timber, both structurally and visually, is to keep it free from all biological contaminants. ‘AlgoClear Pro’ is a highly effective treatment of live growth and the beneficial by-product acts as a wood preserver, helping control wet and dry rot.

Algae removal - softwashing


Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the algae remover softwash solution work?

An algae/moss remover biocide works by puncturing the cell of the live biofilm, killing the organism down to its root. The organism dies and will eventually disappear leaving the surface that is fully disinfected and so will give longevity of and value for money on any surface it is applied to.


Interestingly, after treatment, the surface may look noticeably worse, a darker red or green perhaps. This is the product doing its job! Once the organism cells are punctured they may release beta-carotene and chlorophyll: essentially the bleed then die. However, over time the staining will begin to lighten and will eventually disappear.

How Long Will The Algae Remover Treatment Last?

The algae/moss (softwash) treatment, although not instant, gives proven longevity against power washing alone , or aggressive, often unlicensed treatments. A maintenance program of treatment will help keep the surface permanently clean, providing a long term solution.

How is The Algae Remover softwash solution applied?

In most cases, direct product application of the algae/moss biocide is used. This eliminates human error and the risk of professional strength biocide being sprayed above maximum regulation strength. Normally, the solution is applied from the ground using long-reach equipment.

How long does it take the algae remover to work?

Cleaning/ removal times will depend on the type of biofilm (Algae/Moss/ Black Fungi etc) and the biological load present on the surface to be treated. For example, red staining- the algae known as ‘Trentrpohlia‘ can take approximately one week and green algae/mildew can disappear within twenty-four hours. Black fungi like ‘Aepergillus Niger will take longer and, although the growth will be killed and the growth cycle halted, any residual staining may need further treatment.rinsing

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