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At Acleanerplace Cleaning Services (ACS) we don’t only specialize in the cleaning of tile and natural stone, we are also more than capable of servicing man-made floor types including Amtico Resilient Luxury Vinyl Flooring (LVT).

Amtico flooring continues to be a favourite choice of resilient flooring, that offers a cost-effective, durable and attractive finish for both home and commercial installations. It is considered to be one of the tougher surfaces available, but it will occasionally need some maintenance in order to ensure it remains looking its best. If you have Amtico flooring in need of cleaning or refurbishment reach out for a chat with us. If you’re not quite sure what material your floor is made from then send us an image, a description or invite us to have a look so we can help identify it and find the right solution for you.

In addition, we can clean other types of domestic and commercial, interior surfaces, e.g; Linoleum, Marmoleum, Vinyl, Safety Floor (Altro), Wood (engineered and laminate)  floors.

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Amtico Floor Cleaning

Amtico Floor – Common Issues

Amtico flooring, whilst being extremely durable, you may encounter a few common issues with it. If you have spotted signs of wear and tear (tread areas) to your flooring then it’s always best to rectify it sooner rather than later to minimize the damage and it doesn’t get worse.

Amtico flooring can be susceptible to surface scratches; marks from furniture, stilettos, and other sharp or heavy objects. The use of felt pads and similar solutions do offer protection against this kind of marking, but if the damage is already evident there are a few options available to reduce the effects of the damage including apply filler and polishing.

Similar to natural stone, Amtico flooring can be damaged by the use of inappropriate cleaning products and tools. Certain vacuum cleaners that are not intended for use on hard floors can mark the floor – so proceed with caution! Also never use a steam cleaner on Amtico flooring to avoid any risk of delamination.

The spillages of ‘acidic’ liquids (cola, sauce, lemon juice or wine)  will cause damage if not cleaned up quickly. The tiny gaps between the Amtico tiles can be particularly vulnerable, especially to water ingress, so, make certain that no moisture seeps in underneath the Amtico flooring joints/damaged areas. Generally, Amtico flooring is hard-wearing, but excessive exposure to moisture can cause the tile layers to  bubbe and delaminate

If you have, perhaps, noticed the surface of your Amtico floor starting to dull or discolour it is usually the result of ingrained dirt – a natural consequence of use!  All DIY options should be carried out with care as, whilst it is a tough material, the wrong choice of product may be ineffective and at worst damaging to the floor.

Photo of ceramic tile cleaning

Our Floor Restoration  Process:

Pre inspection:

We will visit to inspect and measure your floor. This helps us to identify any limitations, loss of loose grout, surrounding surfaces that are sensitive to cleaning solutions, and any areas that need consideration before your Amtico floor cleaning starts. During this visit, we carry out a demonstration (1m2 area) to show you, the customer, the restoration possibilities and to provide you with a sample of the results you might expect.

Preparation and dry soil removal:

We will deploy wall and floor coverings, where necessary, to protect your walls and furnishings from any overspray of strippers/cleaning products on to sensitive areas during this phase. We then begin the cleaning with sweeping/vacuuming the floor to remove all the dry soil, dust, pet dander, and loose grit.

Stripping of the old sealant/dressing:

If the floor has any old worn sealants /dressings it will require to be ‘stripped- off’. This is achieved with specialist chemicals and ‘best-in-class’ machines; fitted with a bespoke cleaning brush/tool for that type of hard floor.


Your Amtico floor cleaning begins with our specialist cleaners being applied to the floor and allowed to dwell. The cleaning product is then agitated with the appropriate bespoke machine- this helps neutralizes the previous ‘stipping’ process (es).

Extraction and rinsing:

All the resulting dirty slurry is then extracted off the floor, and the floor is then rinsed with clean water 2-3 times in order to assist in the neutralization of the ‘stripping phase’.


After the extraction process has been completed we dry the floor with our industrial fans and/or leave it to dry naturally. In cases where stone or tile has a high porosity, e.g. drying quarry and victorian tiles may take an extra amount of time. Note in properties without underfloor damp-proof, drying times cannot be anticipated, and the sealing phase is delayed, possibly for up to 3-7 days whilst the tiles ‘dry-out’.

Application of the sealant or dressing:

Dependent on the floor type, it will then have a bespoke seal or dressing applied once the surface is dry enough (we test this with a digital moisture meter to determine if it is suitable to apply an impregnator sealant which acts as a repellent to moisture and dirt. As different floor types have different properties, this will determine how many coats are applied (1-4). No traffic should be allowed on the floor for 2 – 4 hours after the final application.

Other Types Of Hard Floor We Clean And Restore:

  • Karndean- strip, clean & dress
  • PolyFlor-strip, clean & dress
  • Limestone floor
  • Alto -clean only
  • Vinyl-strip, clean & seal
  • Safety Floor-strip, clean & seal
  • Wooden -clean only
  • Laminate-clean only
  • Ceramic/Encaustic clean & seal

Don’t see your hard floor type on the list? Send us a message to see if we can help.

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