The Benefits Of A Healthy Home – Easy Tips

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What Is Considered A Good Daily Cleaning Routine?

The benefits of a healthy home are obvious! An untidy and dirty room situation is not only unpleasant, unsightly but can foul the air we breathe. It is an important routine (daily, or every other day) to clean the house in order to eradicate dust, moulds, bacteria, and dust particles out of the home.

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A hygienic and healthy freshly cleaned home helps to make a safe home.  Be aware that dry dusting may cause dust particles to circulate, so, preferably use a damp cloth where practical. Dust particles usually accumulate everywhere. Household plants can have their leaves cleaned at the same time to get rid of dirt. Clean wooden and tiled floors and surfaces with white vinegar, or an appropriate cleaning agent, to kill germs.

How To keep Keep The Home Fresh

An easy way to removal odour is to use the outer shell casing of lemon or oranges: half fill with sea salt, place these in a corner of your bathroom, living rooms etc, or anywhere there is a particularly bad odour. All odours will now be absorbed; keep replacing the fruit outer shells and salt every other day to keep the rooms fresh and healthy.

In addition, you could consider charcoal which is a known anti-bacterial and has the ability to remove air pollutants and moisture from a room. Do the same, as above, and by placing a bowl of charcoal in a suitable container in a corner will assist in removing bad smells and in addition bad bacteria.

Another popular tip is to place a handful of cloves or a cinnamon stick in a pot of hot water and keep it simmering on the stove for approximately 30 to 60 minutes and this will circulate the aromas throughout the home.

Carpets Cleanliness

Moreover,  the benefits of a healthy home can be significantly increased, that maintains your carpets’ cleanliness, by engaging a professional carpet cleaner to clean your carpet (s) frequently (every 12 months for heavy soiling, and every 18 months for light soiling homes) will greatly assist in eliminating dust mites, and many allergy particles. By installing a doormat (s)  and by taking off your shoes will greatly assist in eliminating many common dirt-bearing dirt particles.

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