The Benefits Of Engaging A Professional Carpet Cleaner

Sep, 2020Carpet Cleaning

The Benefits Of Engaging A Professional Carpet Cleaner

Hidden Bacteria

The benefits of engaging a professional carpet cleaner are because your carpet (s) is a large filter that gathers all the pollutants and contaminants that are brought into the home via footfall or air circulation. Moreover, is a well-established fact that keeping your carpets cleaning you are benefiting both your health and bank balance. Every occasion that you walk over the carpet wearing footwear you are leaving small amounts of waste, dirt, contaminants etc that, over time, will work to destroy the integrity of the carpet fibres.

By vacuuming/hoovering your carpets with a vacuum will remove most of the surface debris/dirt, you may never be able to remove all the mould and bacteria that grow deep down at the base of the carpet fibres. Therefore, engaging a professional carpet cleaner is the best defence against these harmful particles.

Carpet Fibre Protection

Remember when your carpet was brand new? The carpet fibres were firm and vibrant in colour. Over a period of time as more and more foot traffic went over it, the carpet (s) begin to look battered and worn. This is simply due that each time you walk from the inside, small dirt particles attach to the bottom of your footwear, hence this is a good reason to engage with a professional carpet cleaner

These particles then fall off into the carpet as the fibres brush them clean from the underside of the footwear. This dirt then falls deep down into the carpet fibres. Every time someone walks over the same area, these dirt particles act as a   piece of abrasive sandpaper and rubs away at the integrity of each carpet fibre.  This is particularly, prevalent with nylon carpet fibres, which over time become so abraded that no amount of cleaning will bring them back to their former glory!

Wine stain spillage

DIY Carpet Cleaning Problems

One of the most popular ways to save money is for the homeowner is to rent a carpet cleaning machine, e.g. Rug Doctor. The process, as per the provided instructions, of cleaning carpets appears simple enough; so, renting a machine for the day, or a weekend, with its accompanied cleaning chemicals, does start off as an economically sound idea.

The initial problem homeowners experience is that the cleaning chemicals that they purchased may, in fact, stain/damage their carpet. Note that professional carpet cleaners will always test a small piece of carpet before continuing to do any work thereby ensuring no damage. Further, most modern carpet cleaners use only eco-friendly cleaning chemicals that are guaranteed not to stain/damage.

The next encountered problem is they (the homeowner) have had little experience using this type of cleaning equipment. Our experience is that most homeowners will over-wet (soak) the carpet, but moreover, not work quickly enough to vacuum (suck) up the water, thereby the water has a strong chance to soak into the underlay. Once in the underlay, this, excess water, can be near on impossible to remove; and invariably this may lead to mould and bacteria growth. Professional carpet cleaners understand the risks of over-wetting and are practised in their cleaning techniques to not allow this problem to develop!   

Anti-Stain Coatings

Notwithstanding, if your carpets have ‘just’ been cleaned it only takes one spilt drink to undo all the good work by re-contaminating the bottom of the carpet fibres. One of the specialist services that a professional carpet cleaning offers is a protective (anti-stain) coating This clear protective coating is applied, by sprayer, and helps to ensure that it remains clean for a longer period. The added benefit of the protective coating is that it allows you more time to clean up those, common, everyday spills.

By not having a ‘protected’ carpet means that as soon as a spill occurs the liquid will seep to the bottom of the fibre, where it is difficult to remove; especially drinks that have colouring included in their chemical make-up e.g. fruit juices (or Iron-Bru in Scotland…) and which can be difficult to remove.

If the carpet has a protective coating applied, it provides you more time to get to the spill as it will stay on the surface of the carpet due to the protective coating. Therefore, each time a spill occurs the liquid will remain on the top of the carpet for a short period of time thereby giving you a chance to blot/dab it up before it causes any immovable staining. This type of (anti-stain) protection will save you money in the long run both in cleaning and by prolonging the life of the carpet.


The benefits of engaging a professional carpet cleaner, and as a homeowner, it is easy to understand that working with your local professional carpet cleaner and with his/her guidance formulate a good defence against pollutants and contaminants that attack your carpets. By having the carpet (s) professionally cleaned, you not only extend its lifespan but save money overall by not having to replace it too often.

The family will also benefit from a well-cleaned carpet and the cleaner air inside the home. If any family member has a respiratory allergy, or a skin complaint will especially benefit from a fresh clean carpet. Now is the time to get in touch and make yourself familiar with your local Stirling carpet cleaning by scheduling a carpet clean.

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