Dunblane – Luxury Vinyl Tiled (LVT) Floor Cleaned And Sealed

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Amtico (Luxury Vinyl Tiled) Floor Cleaned And Sealed, Dunblane

Vinyl tile cleaning floors are, generally, not difficult to clean. However when it comes to Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) in the shape of @Amtico’, Karndean or PolyFlor branded LVTs should be treated with respect and approached differently. I had recently been asked to clean and reseal an Amtico floor in Dunblane.  Amtico and Karndean, for that matter, are considered to be a Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) type of flooring and are a fantastic alternative to wood, natural stone flooring, or carpets. It (LVT) however, requires a different approach when cleaning and sealing.

The photographs shown below are from a living room floor of a house in Dunblane.  This Amtico LVT was not that dirty but it had lost its seal (dressing) in places and the sheen was worn away in the high traffic areas. Moreover, once the seal has failed then dirt can start to accumulate making the floor look less ‘luxurious’. This fact was recognized by the customer who had called us to see if we could help restore the floor back to its just ‘like-new look’.

Amtico Vinyl Tile – Before Cleaning  

The living room area was not a big area and unlike natural stone tiles, Vinyl (Amtico) is not a porous type floor so can be cleaned and sealed the same day rather than would be the case with a natural stone type floor, which can need 24-72 hours to fully dry after cleaning.  This upside to this is that there is less upheaval for the customer and is a more affordable price. During the survey of the floor, we discussed the various options with the customer and established that she wanted a high shine finish to the floor. Having agreed to our quote, a day was set for the work to begin.


vinyl tile cleaning- Amtico Floor Tile Renovation

Deep Cleaning Of Amtico Vinyl Floor Tiles

On the appropriate, set date, we started with a proprietary LVT, professional, deep cleaning product that not only is considered an ‘eco-friendly’, biodegradable cleaner/stripper but leaves a pleasant aroma. Having applied the product to the Vinyl floor it is left to dwell/soak into the floor for 10 mins – this dwell time is necessary for the product to not only suspend all the dirt particles but also help emulsify the old sealant.  The product is then agitated into the floor by the use of a deck brush.

The residue waste product is removed with the use of a wet vacuum machine or by mopping. Moreover, it is essential that all the cleaner/stripper is ‘neutralized’ by fresh clean water via mopping and wet vacuum extraction.  This stage is then finalized by the use of air movers that helps to quickly speed dry the Vinyl floor prior to the sealant application stage.

Sealing Amtico Vinyl Floor Tiles

Vinyl type floors cannot be sealed (dressed) until the tiles are fully dry as dampness can interfere with the new sealant and ruin it by clouding the sealer.  Therefore, it is imperative that the floor is dry and this is where the use of our air movers help, otherwise the floor would have to be left for at least five to eight hours (overnight) to fully dry.  When we had assessed that the Vinyl floor was dry enough, we moved to seal the Vinyl; whereby we applied three coats of a high shine sealant which gave the floor a nice high sheen in accordance with the customer’s specification.

This final stage is critical to the outcome of the project, in that each coat must fully dry before the next coat is then applied and this can be the time-consuming part of the day with each coat taking up to 30mins to fully dry. Each coat that is applied helps to build a layer of protection to the Vinyl and after this final coat, the air movers are used to assist in its drying. Note that the floor is safe to use to feet traffic after 30-40mins, but will not be fully cured for at least six hours, therefore heavy furniture should not be placed on the floor surface until then.

On completion of the project, the customer was ‘over-the-moon’ and I think you’ll agree we managed to get that ‘like-new look’ back again. In addition, we advised her on the best maintenance procedures moving forward.

If you think we can help you with the restoration of your vinyl flooring (Amtico, Karndean, PolyFloor, etc) then ket in touch via the link below or head over to browse out Hard Floor cleaning page for further information.

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